Level Up Your Management Skills: 20 Tips for Becoming a Better Manager

Posted on 11.August.2023 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

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Navigating the realm of small business management is a dynamic journey that requires a mix of skills and strategies. It takes some trial and error to figure out what works best for your business and goals, so you’re likely to be tweaking things along the way. And that’s perfectly OK. Whether you’re stepping into the role or seeking to refine your approach, these twenty tips will guide you toward becoming a more adept and successful manager.

1. Embrace the Power of Routine

Imagine a daily routine as your personal GPS for productivity. Over time, it becomes ingrained, seamlessly guiding you through each day’s demands. Keep in mind the age-old adage, “Practice makes perfect.”

2. Tame Your To-Do List

Incorporate a daily to-do list into your routine, whether on paper or digitally. The act of jotting down tasks matters most. Interestingly, manually updating it enhances memory retention. But don’t settle for mere modifications—rewrite the entire list to supercharge its impact.

3. Tap into the Magic of Fill-in-the-Blank Forms

Think of fill-in-the-blank forms as something that draws from your routines and lists. As you fine-tune your daily grind, you’ll encounter recurring tasks that demand consistent communication. Pre-made fill-in-the-blank forms serve as your trusty assistants for clear instructions, whether they’re intended for employees, vendors, or customers.

4. Effective Communication Unlocks Success

Open, transparent communication is the cornerstone of successful management. Regularly connecting with your team, sharing goals, and offering constructive feedback fosters a collaborative environment where everyone’s insights are valued.

5. Cultivate a Positive Workplace Culture

A positive work environment fuels productivity and job satisfaction. Foster teamwork, celebrate achievements, and address conflicts proactively. A contented team is an engaged and motivated team.

6. Don’t Hesitate to Delegate

Shouldering all your day-to-day business tasks alone is a recipe for exhaustion. Delegating responsibilities empowers your team while enabling you to focus on strategic decisions. Trusting your team members and nurturing their growth is paramount.

7. Be a Master of Adaptability

In the ever-changing business landscape, adaptability is your secret weapon. Embrace flexibility and be prepared to pivot your strategies or even your business model. Adapting keeps you ahead of the curve.

8. Learn How to Conquer Time Management

Efficiently managing your time is crucial to prevent burnout. Prioritize tasks, set realistic goals and deadlines, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. You might not think you need time to relax and recharge, but you do. A well-structured day enhances both your productivity and mental well-being. Recommended book: 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management.

9. Lead with Your Actions

Your team takes cues from you. Showcase qualities you value, such as punctuality, dedication, integrity, and a strong work ethic. Your actions set the tone for a motivated, ethical team.

10. Give and Receive Feedback Gracefully

Regular feedback, focusing on strengths and areas for improvement, fosters growth and alignment with the company’s goals. Constructive criticism helps everyone learn and evolve.

11. Let Data Steer Your Ship

Leverage data to inform your decisions. Analyze sales trends, customer feedback, and other insights to make well-informed choices for better outcomes.

12. Master the Art of Conflict Resolution

Conflict is natural, but handling it effectively is an art. Address disagreements calmly, mediate when necessary, and encourage open conversations to find solutions that benefit all parties. Recommended book: Conflict Resolution Playbook.

13. Reward and Recognize

Show appreciation by acknowledging hard work through regular recognition and rewards. Boosting morale encourages sustained dedication to achieving business goals.

14. Embrace Your Inner Innovator

Foster a culture of innovation. Encourage your team to share creative ideas and solutions. Embracing innovation keeps your business fresh and ahead of the competition.

15. Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Understanding and managing your emotions, as well as those of your team, is crucial for effective leadership. Emotional intelligence fosters better communication and rapport. Recommended book: Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.

16. Set Clear Expectations

Ensure that your team understands their roles and responsibilities. Clearly define expectations and provide the necessary resources for success.

17. Nurture Professional Development

Support your team’s growth by offering opportunities for training, skill-building, and advancement. Invest in their development to create a motivated and skilled workforce.

18. Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion

Value and embrace diversity in your team. A diverse workforce brings a variety of perspectives that can lead to creative solutions and a richer work environment.

19. Never Stop Learning

Commit to lifelong learning. Engage in workshops, stay attuned to industry trends, and delve into relevant literature, documentaries, and podcasts. It’s also important to keep learning about new things outside of your industry that may have little or nothing to do with your business. Embracing new knowledge keeps you agile and well-prepared to make informed decisions.

20. Stay Resilient in the Face of Challenges

Running a small business comes with ups and downs. Develop resilience to navigate setbacks and challenges with a positive attitude. Learning from adversity strengthens your leadership.

With these twenty tips in your arsenal, you should be well-equipped to elevate your management skills and improve your relationship with the team. Remember, growth is a continuous journey that requires commitment, adaptability, and empathy. Implement these strategies, adapt as needed, and watch your management prowess thrive.

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