Information Technology (IT) Factoring Houston, TX

At American Commercial Capital, we understand the needs of Information Technology Companies and have experience factoring account receivables for IT Consultants. We realize that the information technology industry’s primary overhead is its elevated payroll expenses. This unique challenge exists because IT consultants and/or employees are typically paid on a weekly or semi–weekly basis. However, an IT firm’s clients typically pay between 30 to 60 days after service has been provided. By factoring unpaid invoices, American Commercial Capital can provide your IT company with immediate cash flow to cover expenses.

Because of years of experience servicing the working capital needs of Information Technology companies, we understand the importance of financial stability and the demands of funding payroll in the IT industry. An industry that is typically comprised of highly compensated technicians.

Faced with the challenges of funding payrolls, American Commercial Capital’s accounts receivable funding program can help your Information Technology company “bridge the gap” between rendering service, billing and receipt of payment. Usually, it is this payment lag that ultimately creates a critical situation for the owners of Information Technology companies.

At American Commercial Capital, we are prepared to provide the financial stability that the Information Technology industry demands.

Invoice Factoring for IT Companies Highlights

  • No monthly factoring minimums
  • No invoice minimums for factoring
  • No hidden factoring fees
  • Easy to read factoring reports
  • Fast turnaround of factoring requests
  • No long-term factoring contract

With Factoring for Information Technology Companies

  • More easily meet payroll obligations
  • Fund growth and expansion
  • Generate more sales and profit
  • Negotiate better terms with suppliers
  • Reduce collection risk due to bad debt
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