Houston Small Business Factoring Assistance

The successful entrepreneur always bases his or her business decisions on up-to-date financial reports. These reports provide a business owner with informative profit and loss feedback. A new entrepreneur should learn to read and interpret standardized financial statements such as an income statement and balance sheet. Utilization of these reports allow a business owner to optimize their business’s operations and maximize its profitability.

Small Business Factoring Glossary

  • Accounting – The theory and system of setting up, maintaining and auditing the books of a firm.
  • Asset – Items of ownership convertible into cash.
  • Cash Flow – Is simply the difference between cash flowing in and cash flowing out of the business.
  • Equity – The monetary value of a property or business beyond any amounts owed on its mortgage, claims, liens etc.
  • Gross Margin – The amount of contribution to the business enterprise, after paying for direct-fixed and direct-variable unit costs
  • Liability – Monies owed, debts, financial obligations.
  • Markup – Percentage increase in the price of goods to create a profit margin for a business


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