Business Video Roundup: Traits to Look for in New Hires, the Power of Self-Discipline & More

Posted on 29.November.2019 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! While we all recover from our turkey hangovers, here are a few short, to-the-point videos full of terrific business advice. On deck: Brian Tracy shares some tips to help sharpen your self-discipline skills, Inspired Capital founder Alexa von Tobel lists the key traits you should look for in new hires, and Goodr founder Stephen Lease talks about the benefits of being able to navigate difficult conversations. Plus, CNBC explores why GM and Ford are worried about RAM (and the business lessons therein) and the latest episode of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch tackles the lucrative cannabis industry.

Brian Tracy: How to Use the Power of Self-Discipline

In this six-minute video, Brian Tracy extols the benefits of developing and exercising self-discipline—among them, greater success and happiness in business and in life—and he offers up some actionable self-discipline tips you can use starting today.

Inc.: 4 Key Traits to Look for in Every New Hire

Alexa von Tobel, founder of Learnvest and Inspired Capital, talks about the key qualities that every business owner should look for when assembling their team and hiring for important positions.

CNBC: Why GM and Ford Are Worried About RAM

This 10-minute explores the “truck wars” involving three prominent auto makers, but it contains important lessons for entrepreneurs and business owners of all kinds about being aware of your competition, whether you’re ahead of the game or struggling to catch up.

Inc.: How Goodr Founder Stephen Lease Learned to Tackle Tough Conversations

Goodr founder Stephen Lease discusses how he learned to navigate tough business conversations.

Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch: Where Is the CEO, the Co-Founders? Are They at Bingo?

The latest episode of Entrepreneur’s weekly pitch show features business owners in the cannabis industry.

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