Business Video Roundup: The Future of Advertising, Office Design & More

Posted on 24.July.2020 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

Tony Robbins – This Is What It Takes to WinIn this week’s roundup of great videos for entrepreneurs and business owners, Gary Vaynerchuk talks shop with Salesforce Chief Digital Evangelist Vala Afshar, Droga5 CEO David Droga discusses the future of advertising, and Basecamp CEO Jason Fried ruminates on the future of office design in the wake of the pandemic. Plus, CNBC explores how Spotify rose to the top and continues to dominate Apple, Google, and Amazon in music—lessons in strategy that could be applicable to businesses to any industry. And, finally, Evan Carmichael presents the top 10 rules of success for Tony Robbins, including one special, universal rule.

GaryVee: Coffee & Commerce – The Digital Evangelist

In the latest episode of Coffee & Commerce, Gary Vaynerchuk welcomes Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce. They chat about various business topics, revealing several nuggets of wisdom, including the idea that “networking is about giving.”

David Droga: The Future of Advertising and What It Will Take to Succeed

In this hour-long discussion, marketing guru David Droga talks about the changing landscape of advertising and shares some great advice on how to get noticed in the COVID-19 era. As the founder and creative chairman of Droga5, the agency behind several high-profile advertising campaigns (including those for clients like IHOP, The New York Times, Prudential, and HBO’s Game of Thrones, just to name a few), Droga definitely knows what he’s talking about. Can you apply his tips to your company’s advertising?

Jason Fried: The Future of Office Design

“People are gonna still have offices, but they’re gonna rethink how much money they’re spending on rent,” says Basecamp CEO Jason Fried. In this short video, he suggests that open office layouts may become more popular in the wake of COVID-19.

CNBC: How Spotify Dominates Apple, Google, and Amazon in Music

This 11-minute mini-doc from CNBC explores the rise of Spotify and how this once-little upstart dominated giant tech companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon in the field of streaming music. Even if your business is not related to music or technology, there are plenty of things to be learned from Spotify’s deft strategies, applicable to businesses in any industry.

Tony Robbins: The One Universal Rule Everyone in Finance Knows About

If you need some motivation, maybe this will do the trick. Evan Carmichael presents Tony Robbins’ Top 10 Rules for Success, including “the one universal rule” that everyone in finance knows about.

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