Business Video Roundup: The Best At-Home Business Strategies & More

Posted on 15.May.2020 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

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In our latest roundup of great videos for entrepreneurs and small-business owners, we continue to see how businesses around the country are coping with our new normal. In Small Business, Big Heart, Jennifer Desrosiers talks about how her Exeter, New Hampshire-based eatery Lanny & Lu is staying afloat while trying to help frontline workers and others in need, and Forbes explores the plight of a comic-book store owner in Cockeysville, Maryland. Also on deck: Patrick Bet-David explains when it’s best to specialize and when it makes sense to generalize, Gary Vaynerchuk offers up five brand-building business strategies you can do from home, and Mark Cuban has some wise advice for businesses weathering the COVID-19 storm.

Small Business, Big Heart: Laney & Lu (Exeter, New Hampshire)

In the latest episode of Small Business, Big Heart, Lanny & Lu founder Jennifer Desrosiers talks about how her holistic eatery is weathering the pandemic while giving back to the community. Lanny & Lu has been donating salad bowls and smoothies to frontline workers, but they’ve also seen many customers generously opting to “Give a Bowl or Smoothie” to someone in need when placing their own order. There are two more Small Business, Big Heart episodes to check out this week: one with P’zazz Art Studio in Prattville, Alabama and one with Literacy Volunteers of Chautauqua County in Fredonia, New York.

Patrick Bet-David: The Best Time to Specialize or to Generalize

As a business, is it better to specialize or to generalize? Short answer: it depends. In this eight-minute video, Patrick Bet-David talks about when it makes sense to specialize and when it makes sense to generalize.

GaryVee: 5 Essential Strategies to Build Brand from Home

In this hour-long Q&A show, Gary Vaynerchuk answers a range of questions and offers up a lot of great advice. Topics covered include effective TikTok branding strategies, how to find investors and scale, and starting a personal training business.

Mark Cuban: How to Know If Your Business Can Survive COVID-19

“If you’re agile, if you’re resilient, if you can fight your way through all this disaster, then you’re gonna see what it’s like as we start to go in new directions—and that will create new opportunities,” says Mark Cuban in this quick video with a few words of advice.

Forbes: A Comic Book Store’s Fight to Survive

In this episode of The Long Haul by Forbes Creator Director of Video Nick Graham, comic-book store owner Rob Reese talks about the unique challenges facing a niche industry. Reese took over Alternate Worlds Comics in Cockeysville, Maryland, just last fall, so he barely had time to settle in when, suddenly, everything changed.

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