Business Video Roundup: Team Appreciation, Social-Media Tips for Local Businesses & More

Posted on 22.June.2018 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

Mark SchaeferAnother week, another roundup of enlightening and motivating videos to help entrepreneurs and small-business owners take their companies to the next level. This time around, Tony Robbins reveals how to master your business, Jeff Rose shares 10 books he says that every entrepreneur should read, and Brian Tracy discusses how to make your team feel appreciated (and how that will benefit your business). Plus, Entrepreneur‘s Kate Volman offers up some social-media tips for local businesses and Bulletin co-founders Ali Kriegsman and Alana Branston talk about opening a successful brick-and-mortar store in an online world.

Entrepreneur Motivation: How to Master Your Business

In this 16-minute video from Evan Caramichael’s YouTube channel, Tony Robbins dishes out the motivation and advice on how to master your business in order to reach a higher level of success.

Jeff Rose: 10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read (For Massive Success)

Entrepreneur and certified financial planner Jeff Rose shares the 10 books he believes every entrepreneur should read. He delves into how each one helped him and how they might benefit you on your journey.

Brian Tracy: How to Make Your Team Feel Appreciated

Not only is making your team feel appreciated a nice thing to do as human being, it’s also good for business. If your employees feel appreciated, that can fuel their motivation and directly affect your company’s bottom line. “Practice being a mentor to your staff,” Brian Tracy says. “Give them guidance to advance their careers.” It could pay off in more ways than one.

Kate Volman: 5 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Local Business

In this seven-minute video, Entrepreneur‘s Kate Volman highlights five social media tips that can help local businesses build their followings in the local community. Conquer your local market first.

Drybar’s Alli Webb: How I Open a Successful Store

What goes into opening a successful brick-and-mortar store? That’s what Bulletin co-founders Ali Kriegsman and Alana Branston discuss in this illuminating conversation with Drybar’s Alli Webb. Lots of valuable information in this 21-minute video.

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