Business Video Roundup: Tax Reform, Retirement Plans & Lessons Learned in Business

Posted on 20.April.2018 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

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This week, we’ve got five more excellent videos geared towards helping and motivating entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Columbia Business School professor Michael Graetz gets down to the brass tacks on what the recent tax reform means for business, the CEO of Spanx discusses her journey and dispenses advice, and the CEO of an artificial-intelligence company preaches building a strong team and setting a positive work environment. Plus, a quick reminder on why educating employees about retirement plans is important and nine life hacks used by the world’s most successful people that you can adopt into your routine.

Columbia Business School: What Tax Reform Means for Business

In this 16-minute discussion from Columbia Business School, several professors (including Michael Graetz) talk about what the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act means for business and business owners. It’s a little bit dry, but worth watching to get up to speed on the topic.

Stanford Graduate School of Business: Sara Blakely, Founder and CEO of Spanx

This 46-minute talk at Stanford Graduate School of Business has Sara Blakely, the founder and CEO of Spanx, elaborating on her journey from starting her own business to becoming the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. Some of her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: “I’m of the belief-system that you should start small, think big, and scale fast. A lot of entrepreneurs want to start big and think big, but oftentimes get ahead of themselves.”

CEO Gary Conkright: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Help Save Lives

Gary Conkright, CEO of the artificial-intelligence company PhysIQ, shares his formula for building a strong team and fostering a positive, motivating work environment.

Entrepreneur: Why Educating Employees About Retirement Plans Is Critical

A quick video on why it’s important to educate young employees about retirement plans.

Brian Tracy: 9 Life Hacks for Success

What are some of the habits of the world’s most successful people that have helped them accomplish the things they set out to do? Brian Tracy shares a few that you can easily incorporate into your own life with a little practice.

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