Business Video Roundup: Rebranding, Selling & Growing Your Company

Posted on 27.July.2018 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

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In this week’s roundup of helpful and illuminating videos for entrepreneurs and small-business owners, the founder of P.F. Candle Co. gives advice on executing a successful rebrand, the co-founder of Red Antler talks about how to grow your small company into a large one, and a single mother tells her story about turning a local gym into a billion-dollar enterprise. Plus, Evan Carmichael presents Mark Cuban’s Top 10 Rules for Success and CNBC explores why Starbucks failed in Australia and what business owners small and large can learn from that massive corporate failure.

How to Successfully Rebrand Your Company

“It’s really important to create a stable image for your customers—otherwise they may feel like you’re gonna go out of business,” says Kristen Pumphrey, founder of P.F. Candle Co. In this four-minute video, she talks about the importance of a clear-cut rebranding strategy.

How to Grow from a Small Company to a Large One

Emily Heyward, the co-founder of branding company Red Antler, discusses how to gracefully grow from a small business to a large one and talks about the value of transparency.

This Single Mom Grew Her Gym from $30K to $1 Billion

In this five-minute video, Inc.’s Chris Beier interviews Ellen Latham, a single mother who went from being fired to co-founding Orangetheory Fitness, which has grown from humble beginnings to a billion-dollar company. She talks about how she did it.

Master the Art of Selling: Mark Cuban’s Top 10 Rules for Success

Evan Carmichael presents the top 10 rules of success for the incredibly successful, empire-building Mark Cuban. Learn how to sell, be driven, and know what your product are just a few of the ideals that Cuban emphasizes in this 22-minute video filled with advice and inspiration.

CNBC: Why Starbucks Failed in Australia

Starbucks has been a massive success the world over, so why did their expansion into Australia fail? And what can entrepreneurs and business owners learn from Starbucks’ failure?

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What Is Invoice Factoring? (And How Factoring Can Help Your Business Grow)

What Is Invoice Factoring? (And How Factoring Can Help Your Business Grow)

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Business Video Roundup: Successful Habits, Leadership & How Trash Makes Money

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Business Video Roundup: Staying Motivated, Being a Great Leader & More

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