Business Video Roundup: Re-Opening Your Business, Marketing & Skyrocketing Your Sales

Posted on 16.April.2021 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

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In this week’s roundup of great videos for entrepreneurs and business owners, Patrick Bet-David lays down nine obstacles every entrepreneur will face (and how to overcome them), Gary Vaynerchuk welcomes Liquid IV CEO Brandin Cohen to the latest episode of Coffee & Commerce, and Stanford Graduate School of Business hosts a View from the Top conversation with Netflix’s Global Chief Marketing Officer, Bozoma Saint John. Plus, Marie Forleo has three simple steps to help you embrace marketing and boost your sales, while Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer has a quick piece of advice for businesses that are re-opening to the public again.

Patrick Bet-David: 9 Obstacles Every Entrepreneur Will Face

In this 18-minute video, Patrick Bet-David breaks down nine obstacles that every entrepreneur will face at some point, no matter what industry they’re in, and offers up some tips to gracefully handle those obstacles when you encounter them.

GaryVee: Coffee & Commerce Episode 27: Brandin Cohen, Liquid IV

The latest hour-long episode of Coffee & Commerce features Brandin Cohen, the CEO of hugely successful Liquid IV, an electrolyte drink mix that has been making waves in Hollywood, garnering support from big stars like Kevin Hart and Justin Bieber.

Stanford GSB: Bozoma Saint John, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Netflix

In this 45-minute View from the Top talk, Netflix’s Global CMO Bozoma Saint John discusses a variety of pertinent topics, including what makes a successful brand and why safeguarding your time and attention is so important. She has also served in an executive capacity at PepsiCo, Uber, and Apple Music, so she has plenty of hard-won wisdom to share.

Marie Forleo: How to Fall in Love with Marketing & Skyrocket Your Sales in 3 Easy Steps

Marie Forleo reveals three steps to more effective selling—with authenticity, integrity, and heart.

Jon Taffer: “You’re Not Re-Opening, You Are Launching!”

As the world starts to open up more and your business is able to open its doors to the general public again, Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer has a quick message to share—namely, get into “grand opening” mode and go big.

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