Business Video Roundup: Opening a Restaurant, Growing a Small Business & Life Hacks for Success

Posted on 23.February.2018 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

Chef Curtis Stone on Opening a RestaurantIn this week’s business video roundup, Brian Tracy advises to “learn from the experts” and use nine life hacks popular among the most successful people. Then we have chef Curtis Stone (owner of the fashionable Beverly Hills eatery Maude) discussing the uphill battle of opening a successful restaurant, Greg Rollett revealing three things every small business owner should be doing to grow, and Wealth Management Group CEO Craig Bolanos suggesting that transparency with customers is always the best policy.

Brian Tracy: 9 Life Hacks for Success

In this six-minute video, Brian Tracy lays out six life hacks that many successful people use to increase productivity and enhance all aspects of their lives. “Learn from the experts,” Brian Tracy says. “You will not live long enough to figure it all out for yourself.”

Curtis Stone: Why It’s So Hard to Open a Restaurant

Why is it so hard to open a restaurant? Chef Curtis Stone, owner of the high-end eatery Maude in Beverly Hills, explains the uphill battle of opening a restaurant and succeeding in an incredibly competitive market.

Greg Rollett: 3 Simple Things Every Small Business Owner Needs to Do to Grow Their Business

Greg Rollett, founder of, runs down three simple things every small business should be doing to grow their business.

Craig Bolanos: How to Stay Prepared to React to the Unexpected

The CEO of Wealth Management Group, LLC, describes a potentially devastating obstacle that threw his company for a loop. But rather than sit back and watch his business become derailed by this event, he persevered by being completely transparent with his customers. It’s true: honesty and transparency usually is the best policy.

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