Business Video Roundup: Morality + Leadership, Building a Brand & More

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“Business is community, and how we relate to whatever comes our way and how thoughtful and principled we are,” says Dov Seidman, founder of The HOW Institute for Society. In this week’s business video roundup, he discusses what it means to be a moral leader, exploring various facets of the topic, and even dives into why humanity in leadership will become more sought after (by employees, customers, and stakeholders) as A.I. becomes more prevalent. Also on deck: Gary Vaynerchuk on why businesses need to focus on brand, Oren Cass on the current state of capitalism in the U.S., and Devin Eichler of Crafty Cow on building a personal brand for business. Plus, a new episode of Fix My Pitch offers up sage pitch advice from experts.

GaryVee: What Businesses Need to Focus On in 2024

“If you’re asking me what can an ecommerce business learn from me, the answer is brand over everything,” Gary Vaynerchuk tells an entrepreneur during a Q&A in Brisbane, Australia. “Brand is the ultimate way to sell.” This video is nine minutes of Vaynerchuk giving excellent, no-nonsense advice, explaining what businesses should be focusing on as we head into 2024.

Harvard Business Review: What It Means to Be a Moral Leader

Harvard Business Review’s Adi Ignatius speaks with Dov Seidman (author of How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything) about what it means to be a moral leader. Seidman suggests that the days of business leaders avoiding prominent social or political issues is over. “I think the business of business is society,” he says. Customers, employees, and stakeholders expect business leaders to have a take on things, leading the way for what they believe is right. It’s a fascinating discussion that touches on leadership principles, the importance of reflection, and the aspects of humanity that will become more valuable as A.I. grows.

Columbia Business School: Is Capitalism Working? A Conversation with Oren Cass

Interesting discussion at Columbia Business School featuring Oren Cass, author of The Once and Future Worker: A Vision for the Renewal of Work in America. It delves into public policy, exploring right-of-center ideas about capitalism and American business.

David Eichler of Crafty Cow on Building a Personal Brand for Business

“The more we put ourselves out there and show who we are… that’s what people want to see, how people get connected with you,” says Devin Eichler, founder and CEO of Crafty Cow. In this interview with Restaurant Influencers, he dispenses lots of helpful wisdom, including tips for smartphone storytelling on social media, digital hospitality, and responding to reviews.

Fix My Pitch: How to Turn a Pitch Meeting Setback Into Success

Former Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch contestants who failed to garner investment money return to get a second chance at the spotlight. Business coaches Tina Frey and Anthony Sullivan offer up tips on how to improve a pitch that isn’t quite working.

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