Business Video Roundup: Mastering Public Speaking, the Art of Selling & Long-Term Success

Posted on 14.December.2018 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

Short-, Mid- And Long-Term

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Public speaking is something that most business owners will have to do at one point or another. Depending on the situation, being good at it can make a huge positive impact on your company and your bottom line. So in this week’s business video roundup, we have two videos filled with advice on how to become a strong, confident public speaker. Also on deck: Gary Vaynerchuk on how to prepare your business for long-term success, Grant Cardone on mastering the art of selling, and Exegistics president Stephen Olds on how company culture and innovation can work together to propel a business forward towards greater success.

Gary Vaynerchuk: How to Prepare a Business for Long-Term Success

Gary Vaynerchuk is a huge proponent of building a business for the long term. It takes the pressure off and gives you room to play. In this 72-minute video, he gives in-depth advice to business owners on how to best position themselves for the long-term game.

Grant Cardone: 7 Tips to Master the Art of Selling

This 26-minute video presented by Evan Carmichael zeroes in on selling advice and tips from internationally renowned business and sales expert Grant Cardone, who has worked with companies like GM, Toyota, and Ford to refine their sales training programs.

Stanford GSB: What the Pros Know About Public Speaking

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, chances are that you’ll be confronted with a variety of public-speaking situations. In this 12-minute video from Stanford Graduate School of Business, lecturer Matt Abrahams breaks down what the experts know about public speaking that can help you hone your own skills and knock that next speech out of the park.

Entrepreneur: How to Become a World-Class Speaker

In this 17-minute video, VaynerSpeakers CEO Zach Nadler shares a few public-speaking tips of his own.

How Founder Stephen Olds Ties Innovation and Culture Together at Exegistics

Stephen Olds, founder and president of logistics company Exegistics, talks about how a philosophy of curiosity has helped to empower his employees to best help their clients. He also discusses how company culture and innovation go hand in hand.

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