Business Video Roundup: Karma, Success, New Tech in Hospitality & Electric Boats

Posted on 22.April.2022 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

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In this week’s roundup of great videos for entrepreneurs and business owners, Gary Vaynerchuk chats with the Barstool Sports guys about the practicality of karma, Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal reveals a surprising key to his success, and New York restaurateur Stratis Morfogen talks about how he uses new technology to disrupt hospitality. Plus, Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph dishes out plenty of wisdom in a lively Q&A session, while CNBC takes a stab at what the next industry to go electric might be.

GaryVee: The Practicality of Karma with Marty, Jerry & Terry

Gary Vaynerchuk and Marty, Jerry, and Terry from Barstool shoot the breeze about sports cards, NFTs, and of course plenty of business topics—chief among them, the pros and cons of being a workaholic entrepreneur and the practicality of karma.

Forbes: How Warby Parker Co-Founder Helped Make the Eyewear Brand Successful

Neil Blumenthal, co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, talks about first meeting his business partners, how his background in international relations influenced his entrepreneurship, and what he believes has made the brand so successful.

Restaurant Influencers: Stratis Morfogen on Improving Hospitality with New Technology

On the latest episode of the Restaurant Influencers podcast, Brooklyn Chop House’s Stratis Morfogen talks about how he utilizes new technology in the hospitality business, how to get creative with dining concepts, and how to be disruptive. “I want to be able to tell my grandkids that during COVID 2020, I did something,” Morfogen says. “In times of need, hospitality stands up.”

Ask Marc Randolph: Live Q&A – Staying Motivated & Being Creative

In this 35-minute Q&A session with Marc Randolph, the Netflix co-founder answers a wide range of questions about business, motivation, and creativity—including how to set priorities when there are so many important tasks to accomplish and when to find a new team. Plus, he reveals a few books, movies, and podcasts he recommends to aspiring entrepreneurs.

CNBC: Why GM Is Getting Into Electric Boats

Could boating be the next industry to go electric? CNBC investigates, exploring why General Motors just invested $150 million in Seattle-based electric-boat startup Pure Watercraft. Lots of business opportunities on the horizon for smart entrepreneurs.

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