Business Video Roundup: Integrity in Leadership, Perseverance in Business & More

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“Truthfulness is the real mark of integrity in a leader,” Brian Tracy says in one of this week’s essential videos for entrepreneurs and business owners. He ties that into his advice about succeeding in sales “the smart way.” We also have on hour-long episode of #AskGaryVee on deck, in which he chats with Scott Belsky, co-creator of Behance and chief product officer at Adobe, about perseverance in business and a variety of other topics. Shorter in length but still packed with inspiration, Patrick Bet-David gives advice on “the replacement game” (scaling), David Meltzer talks about his 5/20 rule for elevated productivity, and a Chicago law-firm partner waxes on the importance of growing your relationships on both sides of the tracks (in-house and client-side).

#AskGaryVee: Scott Belsky on Starting Behance, Perseverance in Business & More

In this hour-long episode of #AskGaryVee, Gary Vaynerchuk has an entertaining and enlightening conversation with co-creator of the online portfolio platform Behance, Scott Belsky, who was also an early-stage investor and advisor to many successful companies including Uber, Warby Parker, and Pinterest. They talk about a wide range of business topics, including how to keep creative teams organized and productive, the reasons certain brands resonate with us, and Belsky’s new book The Messy Middle.

Brian Tracy: Succeeding in Sales the Smart Way

“Truthfulness is the real mark of integrity in a leader,” Brian Tracy says. In this six-minute video, he talks about the importance of honesty in leadership and sales and offers advice on how to use integrity as a foundation that fosters success.

Patrick Bet-David: How to Grow Your Business by Replacing Yourself

“Organizations and companies that scale for a very long time and stay relevant understand the art of the replacement game,” Patrick Bet-David says at the beginning of this nine-minute video. He goes on to offer clear, actionable advice for removing yourself from some aspects of your business and letting other people take the reins, which can be a tough thing to do.

Evan Carmichael: The 5/20 Rule to Stay Productive ft. David Meltzer

In this 17-minute video, Evan Carmichael talks to author, entrepreneur, and sports-marketing legend Dave Meltzer. They discuss how Meltzer’s 5/20 rule can help you become more efficient and effective in all aspects of your life, including how you run your business.

Entrepreneur: Partner Michael Gray Believes Your People Are the Key to Success

What’s the key to success in business? Ask a dozen business owners, you’ll likely get a dozen different answers. Michael Gray, partner in Chicago’s Neal Gerber Eisenberg law firm, believes the key is people. In this short four-minute video, he talks about the importance of deepening and improving relationships on both the client side and within your in-house team.

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What Is Invoice Factoring? (And How Factoring Can Help Your Business Grow)

What Is Invoice Factoring? (And How Factoring Can Help Your Business Grow)

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Business Video Roundup: Successful Habits, Leadership & How Trash Makes Money

Business Video Roundup: Successful Habits, Leadership & How Trash Makes Money

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Business Video Roundup: Staying Motivated, Being a Great Leader & More

Business Video Roundup: Staying Motivated, Being a Great Leader & More

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