Business Video Roundup: Innovation vs. Tradition, Dealing with Data Breaches & More

Posted on 27.September.2019 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

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In this week’s roundup of great videos for entrepreneurs and business owners, Patrick Bet-David talks about how to measure success, Gary Vaynerchuk discusses the biggest vulnerability to every business, and Evan Carmichael presents five pieces of life-changing advice from Rich Dad founder Robert Kiyosaki. Plus, Lawry’s Restaurants CMO Ryan O’Melveny Wilson reveals how the gourmet chain balances innovation with tradition and McAfee Senior VP Allison Cerra gives practical advice on how your business should deal with a data breach in order to protect both your customers and the most valuable asset you have—your reputation.

Valuetainment: How to Measure Success

Patrick Bet-David offers some words of advice on measuring success as an entrepreneur.

GaryVee: The Biggest Vulnerability to Every Business

“One of the biggest threats to a business’s success is having the personal opinions of one person influence the entire direction of the company,” Gary Vaynerchuk says. Whether or not you agree with his take, GaryVee shares plenty of hard-won advice over the course of this hour-long video, including how to ensure your employees are doing their best work.

Evan Carmichael: 5 Pieces of Life-Changing Advice from Robert Kiyosaki

This 14-miniute video showcases five sterling pieces of advice from Robert Kiyosaki, the businessman and author behind Rich Dad Company, Cashflow Technologies, and all those Rich Dad books.

Stanford GSB: Ryan O’Melveny Wilson on Balancing Innovation and Tradition

Ryan O’Melveny Wilson, chief marketing and strategy officer of Lawry’s Restaurants, talks about how they handle balancing innovation with tradition. The key, he says, is making many small changes instead of a few big ones.

Columbia School of Business: You’ve Been Hacked – Now What?

In this 20-minute discussion at BRITE ‘18, Allison Cerra (Senior Vice President and CMO at McAfee) dishes out practical advice for dealing with hacks and data breaches. How a company reacts to these situations can have a huge impact on its reputation.

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