Business Video Roundup: How to Cultivate Brand Purpose, Recruit Top Gen-Z Talent & More

Posted on 7.May.2021 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

CNBC – The Big Business of DonglesIn this week’s business video roundup, CVS Health CMO Norm de Greve talks about brand purpose and business leadership (among other things), Forbes offers up some tips on recruiting top Generation-Z talent, and CNBC explores the booming, Apple-fueled dongle market. Plus, a quick look into how artificial intelligence will transform multiple industries over the coming years (perhaps including your own) and a timely reminder about Warren Buffet’s three big tips for success.

Brand Purpose & Business Leadership with Norman de Greve (CVS Health)

In this 28-minute conversation from the BRITE ’21 conference, Siegel+Gale’s Margaret Molloy talks with Norm de Greve, CMO of CVS Health. They discuss a variety of business issues, including topics around brand purpose, effective business leadership, and gracefully handling the often-tricky intersection of societal promises and financial requirements.

Forbes: 6 Ways to Recruit Top Gen-Z Talent

Looking for young talent? Forbes has some tips on finding the best Generation-Z employees.

CNBC: How Apple Created a Billion-Dollar Market for Dongles

This 15-minute mini-documentary from CNBC offers a peek inside the highly lucrative market for dongles—those little adapters that allow you to connect devices and other peripherals to your computer if a direct connection isn’t possible. The dongle market is expected to generate more than $25 billion in revenue by 2027, but will wireless technology change things?

Forbes: How the Artificial Intelligence Revolution Will Transform Industries

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform many markets and industries, including healthcare, cybersecurity, manufacturing, construction, business to business, customer services, finance, and logistics. This brief video from Forbes gives a little insight to the kinds of companies that are leveraging AI technology and how things could change in the future.

Inc.: Warren Buffet’s 3 Tips for Success

Just a quick reminder of Warren Buffet’s three lessons for success.

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