Business Video Roundup: How A.I. Can Make or Break Your Business & More

Posted on 12.May.2023 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

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“If you’re not using A.I. tools every day, you’re making a huge mistake,” says Gary Vaynerchuk. “Whether you need it or not is irrelevant—you’re gonna need it. This train has left the station and there’s nothing stopping it.” In this week’s business video roundup, Vaynerchuk reveals how artificial intelligence is already changing your life, Patrick Bet-David outlines seven reasons why ChatGPT and other A.I. tools can make or break your business, and VIIRA founder Pico Velasquez explains how A.I. can help with our jobs without taking them. Plus, Brendon Burchard has some great tips on how to be more assertive, while Marie Forleo shares a secret that just might help you on the road to a more satisfying life with greater financial freedom.

7 Reasons Why ChatGPT and A.I. Can Make or Break Your Business

Between the hysterical fear-mongering by some and the unimpressed dismissal by others, some people have been learning how to effectively utilize artificial intelligence for purposes both small and large. There’s still time to catch up. In this nine-minute video, Patrick Bet-David lays out seven reasons why ChatGPT (and A.I. in general) can make or break your business.

GaryVee: How A.I. Is Already Changing Your Life

Artificial intelligence is here and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, the technology is going to advance faster than most expect, leaving haters and deniers in the dust. Don’t believe it? Gary Vaynerchuk reveals how A.I. is already changing your life.

How A.I. Can Help Our Jobs Without Taking Them

Pico Velasquez, founder of Web3-based design studio VIIRA, argues that A.I. can help us do our jobs more effectively without necessarily taking them from us. In this 25-minute Forbes interview, she elaborates on that sentiment and discusses how to evolve alongside the fast-growing technology.

Brendon Burchard: How to Be More Assertive

Brendon Burchard delivers 10 minutes on how to be more assertive. These excellent tips will come in handy when your A.I. assistant starts getting insubordinate.

Marie Forleo: Want Financial Freedom and Abundance? Say This Daily.

A.I. can’t do everything for you, of course. If you want to break free of the shackles of money worries, Marie Forleo has something really simple you can do every day. Human psychology is a powerful thing.

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