Business Video Roundup: Dealing with Bad Clients, Creating a Productive Workplace & More

Posted on 31.August.2018 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

Gary Vaynerchuk at the National Achievers CongressIn this week’s roundup of great videos for entrepreneurs and business owners, Evan Carmichael offers thoughtful advice about dealing with bad clients, the CEO of data-aggregation firm Innoplexus talks about how driving innovation translates into success, and Gary Vaynerchuk delivers a passionate keynote at the National Achievers Congress in the Philippines. During his speech, Gary Vee gives his thoughts on the current state of business and entrepreneurship, pulling no punches but also offering kick-in-the-pants motivation and practical advice. Then we have a couple of videos geared towards helping you create a productive workplace for your employees and building a company culture makes your team happy and increases your bottom line.

Evan Carmichael: Is a Bad Client Worth the Money?

Is a bad client worth it? How do you handle a situation where you clash with a client you feel is completely in the wrong? Evan Carmichael has some advice for dealing with this.

CEO and Founder Gunjan Bhardwaj, PhD, on Driving Innovation and Ensuring Success

Focus on what drives value to customers. That’s the key principle that motivates the decisions made by the CEO and founder of Innoplexus, a data aggregation company that has clients in a variety of industries. In this brief four-minute video, he talks about three things his company does to ensure long-term success.

Gary Vaynerchuk: Practical Business and Marketing Advice for Dominating 2019

In this 45-minute keynote from the National Achievers Congress in the Philippines, Gary Vaynerchuk dishes out excellent marketing strategy and business advice to the next generation of young entrepreneurs and business owners. A 45-minute Q&A follows.

Sidebench: Creating a Productive Workplace

In this quick three-minute office tour of corporate innovation lab Sidebench, the founders describe how they’ve designed the workspace to encourage creativity and productivity.

Entrepreneur: 3 Tips for Building a Culture That Makes Your Team and Your Bottom Line Happy

Business owners are often so busy with other aspects of their business that they don’t even think about building a strong company culture. But it could have a considerable impact on your team and, consequently, the revenue generated by your business.

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