Business Video Roundup: Business Plans, Fundraising & Four-Day Work Weeks

Posted on 9.December.2022 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

Four Business People Discussing the 4-Day Work Week

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“The idea of reducing work time has been around for a while,” says Charlotte Lockhart, founder and managing director of the 4 Day Week Global nonprofit. In this week’s business video roundup, she reveals how that long-gestating idea is finally beginning to take hold, with many companies experimenting with lowering the number of work hours per week. Also on deck: Patrick Bet-David reveals why most business plans fail (and how to create a great one that defies the odds), Slutty Vegan founder Aisha ‘Pinky’ Cole talks about how her plant-based burger restaurant became a smashing success by targeting the unconverted, and venture capitalist David Brillembourg Jr. suggests that the key to successful fundraising is finding your unique backstory. Plus, the latest episode of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch features metaverse tech, mermaid cosmetics, and more.

Patrick Bet-David: Why 90% of Business Plans Fail – 12 Building Blocks for Success

Patrick Bet-David says there are three types of people when it comes to writing business plans—those who don’t, those who write one in December but never look at it again after February, and those who write one “with logic and emotion that fires them up and they read it all year long and they hit 80 percent of their numbers.” In this 19-minute video, he outlines the major pitfalls and shares some excellent tips on how to avoid them and write a great business plan.

Fast Company: How This Vegan Restaurant Became a Buzzy Black Mecca

With a name like Slutty Vegan, this plant-based burger chain was bound to draw some attention! Fast Company looks at how founder Aisha ‘Pinky’ Cole started her restaurant with the intention of roping in the meat eater, those who have no interest in vegan cuisine, and how it became such a word-of-mouth success.

Forbes: Want to Fundraise Successfully? Find Your Unique Story, Says This VC

Dune Ventures founder David Brillembourg Jr. tells his story and offers up advice for raising capital. Spoiler alert: the more unique your backstory, the more your pitch will resonate.

CNBC: How the Four-Day Work Week Could Change the Future of Work

Charlotte Lockhart, founder of the nonprofit 4 Day Week Global, says that the idea of the four-day work week isn’t anything new. “However, it is real now. Thousands of companies around the world are actually reducing work time in one way or another.” In this 11-minute video, CNBC looks into this global movement and the likelihood of it gaining traction in the U.S. The four-day work week isn’t ideal for every business, naturally, but it could gain some momentum for many companies in the coming years.

Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch: Sink or Swim with This Pro Mermaid’s Business Idea

In the latest Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, founders pitch metaverse tech, AI-powered web design tools, eco-friendly bath products, versatile baby covers, and mermaid cosmetics. You might be surprised who’s told to take a hike and who gets a cash infusion.

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