Weekly Roundup: 5 Must-See YouTube Videos for Entrepreneurs (Dec. 11, 2015)

Posted on 11.Dec.2015 by Mike Winters | @amcomcap

Steve Wynn's Top 10 Rules for SuccessHow do you become a role model? How can you combat decision fatigue? How do you motivate people to be the best versions of themselves? These questions are all answered in this week's video roundup. Plus, Evan Carmichael presents Steve Wynn's Top 10 Rules for Success and Google Small Business offers advice on getting the best photos for your business.

Decision Detox: How Making Less Choices Gives You More Freedom

If you're tired of feeling burned out with everything going on in your business and personal life, Marie Forleo says that decision fatigue could be your problem. In this 7-minute video, she discusses how to combat decision fatigue by simplifying your choices -- and, in turn, you gain time, energy, and freedom. Not too shabby.

4 Steps to Becoming a Role Model

How do you become a role model? How do you have a positive influence on those around you and leave behind a legacy you can be proud of? In this 9-minute video, Brendon Burchard shares some inspiring ideas about becoming a role model and offers four steps that will help you get there, starting with "Be there fully for people." If you're ready to take the next steps, just press play.

Q&A: How Do You Motivate People To Be The Best Versions Of Themselves?

Brian Tracy delivers succinct advice about how to motivate people to be the best versions of themselves in this quickie video.

Steve Wynn's Top 10 Rules for Success

Steve Wynn is a hugely successful business magnate known for his involvement in the luxury casino and hotel industry. His net worth is around $2.4 billion. But how did he get there? Find out by watching this 24-minute video highlighting the 10 principles that got him where he is today. Filled with helpful nuggets of inspiration and advice that you can apply to your own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ask a Photographer: Getting the Best Photos for Your Business

In this 3-minute video from Google Small Business, photographer Randy Dickey offers some terrific advice on how to take good photos for your business listing on Google. Getting high-quality photos is something most small-business owners overlook, so apply these ideas to stand out from the crowd!

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Business Video Roundup: Differentiating Your Brand, Top Financial Books & Coaching Others to Success

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Business Video Roundup: Starting a Franchise, Ecommerce Tips & Diversifying Your Business

 Jeffrey Katzenberg"The idea that you can't change anything? I don't buy it." These are the words of Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-founder and former CEO of DreamWorks Animation, who gives an enlightening 60-minute talk at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in this week's video roundup. Other videos include Gary Vaynerchuk giving a young entrepreneur advice on starting a franchise business, Neil Patel dishing out ecommerce tips to boost sales, and Brandon Cruz of GoHealth talking about diversifying his business during an industry-wide shakeup. Finally, Evan Carmichael presents the top 10 rules of success of Alibaba founder Ja Mack. Read more

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